Garden Envy

Often in the train I look out and admire the many vegetable gardens that can be seen along the tracks. Recently I had some garden envy when I saw the setup below:It’s a work of art! Look at all of those beautiful types of plants organized and sectioned off from one another. Each type of plant has the tools it needs like stakes to grow strong and produce fruit or vegetables.

Vegetable gardening is tough and while I am still a complete newbie, I have learned a lot and love to keep on learning more each year as I try out different things. But when i see a garden like this, I am so impressed by all of the knowledge and planning that went in to get it to this stage. This person knows what they are doing!

Tell me I’m not the only one jealous of other people’s veggie gardens. I would love to have this in my someday backyard!

One thought on “Garden Envy”

  1. That’s a gorgeous garden. I would be so overwhelmed if I just had that all of a sudden though. I’m okay with expanding my container garden little by little for the time being! Maybe someday…

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