Filling up the Balcony

We bought our new giant sun umbrella back in August, but it didn’t come with all the parts and Obi took forever to send us the replacement, so it was awhile before we finally set it up.

Of course when we finally got the part it wasn’t very sunny out!

It’s a pretty big umbrella, but on our balcony it still looks surprisingly small. We’ll have to wait until next summer to place it for maximal sun-blocking, but for now the days are really starting to get much darker already so we’ll just leave it before we take it in for the winter.

And before our housewarming party last weekend I found a great lounge set on sale on that we could pick up just in time for our event.

It’s a super big L-lounge that we can configure in different setups with an additional chair and a generously sized table with glass table top. All the pieces are rattan with white cushions.

I’m really happy that we found everything for our balcony this summer. From the two tables, new Weber grill, lounge, umbrellas and hammocks, it was a lot of expenses, but we were able to get everything on sale or used so we did save a lot.

Next year I can focus on filling up the balcony with plants!

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