Lazy Katie

Well, to be honest readers, I almost feel like I am avoiding blogging because I am ashamed that I still have not done anything about my gym situation.

Many of you suggested the smart solution of working out at home, but our flat is just too small for me to find space to lock myself away and with all our new furniture, there’s not a lot of room to do anything anyway.

But I’ve finally gotten off my lazy, lazy non-phoning pants and set up an appointment to go see Fitnessplus this weekend. I wanted them to tell me the prices of their membership on the phone and the lady just didn’t want to do that. Sooo I’m sucking up my shy feelings and going to go see the place in real life.

Now I just need to check out Easy fit and Kieser and maybe I’ll make some progress! In the mean time, I’ve got some house updates I’ll be posting soon, I promise. 🙂

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