I’ve finally done it!

Saturday was a big day.  I left the house alone, ventured into Oerlikon by myself and braved my gym visit(s). I was very, very anxious. Branching out out into new areas of life auf Deutsch terrifies the shy girl in me.

The first gym was full of men that I didn’t feel comfortable working out around and offered little in terms of service to its clients, but the second gym was everything I hoped it would be and after a little hesitation I bought a three-year membership on the spot!

It is a bit of a splurge for me to spend so much money on a gym compared to prices in the US, but I really feel like it is the kick in the pants I need to get working out.

Both yesterday and today I have successfully gotten up an extra twenty minutes early, left the house before my usual alarm clock and arrived at the gym by 6:45am. I can change into my workout clothes and work out for around 55 minutes before showering and arriving at work 30 minutes later than normal.

I am still testing how early I should get up, how long my workouts should be, and how much time I need to shower and catch the train to work. I can actually arrive at work as late as 9:00am

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