Gluten Free Crepes

After promising Kay to use my Le Creuset pans lots after buying them,  I made it my mission to use both the pans the first weekend after buying them.

To be quite honest, Kay always made our crepes with our old pan because he was better at it, so it had been about a decade since I made them myself. Still, he is going away next year and I wanted to master the crepes again. I told myself again that if he can do it, I can do it, so I picked out a recipe from Blackbird Bakery for basic crepes to wet my toes.Spoiler alert, they were so good that I made them for both Saturday and Sunday breakfast that weekend. I even doubled the batch on Sunday, which is how I found out that I actually left out the last few ingredients in the batch on Saturday. Oops.

That might have added some difficulty to my first attempts. I won’t even show them to you because they were a little depressing. But after awhile in the kitchen and a few youtube videos later, I was getting pretty good at this whole crepe business! They were so light and paper thin with a beautiful taste.The next day I went hog wild and decided to make a double batch so that I could really practice my technique. I also followed the recipe correctly and wouldn’t you know it, with the additional ingredients, there was actually a lot more batter in the first place before doubling the recipe!I decided to follow the book’s advice and make a cinnamon and sugar variant with cognac instead of cointreau in the batter. After making each crepe, I brushed them in melted butter and sprinkled cinnamon and sugar before rolling up and sticking them in the oven to stay warm.Just like pancakes, I started using two pans, although I suppose I do like my fancy crepe pan better. After they were done, I stuck them in an oven heated to 50ºC to stay hot until serving.This was the pile of finished crepes and it was definitely way too much for the two of us! We stuck the rest in the fridge and ate them for breakfast on Monday. They were heaaaavenly leftover too! So sweet and moist.All rolled up.And a bite of rolled crepe. Delicious!Yes, I do believe I will be making these a lot in my future!

Do you like crepes? What’s your favorite thing to put on them?

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  1. Crepes are amazing and yours look delicious! I generally go for simple with some sliced fruit or jelly if I decide to go to the trouble of making them. The first time I made crepes ages ago I didn’t have an appropriate pan for them, so I used our usual frying pan and poured the batter into a 6″ ring set in the middle. It worked, and they were lovely, but I like the ease of using my omelet pans these days.

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