Gluten Free Burgers

After my order from came in, it was time to open a beer and grill some burgers. Woohoo!My tomatoes were not ripe yet, but I was able to grab a few pieces of lettuce from the balcony instead of buying a whole head just for a couple burgers. I usually end up making the burgers for Kay because I always just wing the recipe with ground beef, a bit of onion, an egg, some GF panko, and whatever seasonings I feel like.

Kay put those bad boys on the grill and then finished by laying some cheese over the ones we would eat that night.It was a tasty burger! (Said in the tone of Samuel L. Jackson from Pulp Fiction.)To go with the burgers, Kay made a Cooksmarts slaw for our side. And since we had already tried some of the Brunehaut gluten free beer, we decided to make two flavors we’d already tested into Panache with lemonade since it was a very hot day.After a great meal, I enjoyed my new fairy lights from IKEA which are almost discontinued already as summer 2015 closes.

We’ve been doing a good job enjoying summer hardcore this year and I just hope the weather continues well into early autumn because Switzerland deserves some heat!

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