We knew that the weather in Munich over Easter weekend was not supposed to be as nice as Oslo. The forecast called for rain or snow, which it did both of, but luckily we enjoyed a little bit of cloudy blue skies and sun on the first day.

Knowing that it would be colder than Oslo (that’s global warming for you…) we headed first to the BMW museum for Kay.

I was a little museum-ed out after Oslo, so mostly, I was super tired and a little bored going through here. This was all for Kay, who pretty well enjoyed himself here in car paradise.

It was a little hard to get excited about the BMW museum after visiting Geneva’s Motor Show twice already, where they have a sick display of incredible cars. In comparison, the BMW museum was a little lackluster.

Around Munich, it definitely was colder than Oslo! It actually snowed while we were at the BMW museum. After the warm weather the week before in Zurich, I was actually SO surprised about the weird white stuff coming out of the sky, which really looked like styrofoam, I kept asking Kay, “What is this stuff??” Apparently it was more of an industrial snow, hence the weird texture.

We still managed to find a little bit of sun at the English Garden.

We ventured in a little before heading to the Cathedral for Easter evening mass.

In the church, we were actually surprised that the service was only like 30 minutes and did not include communion, so it did not “count” as a church service. Oops. But thank goodness, because I almost fell asleep in church!

Some evening sun.

I was pretty happy with the weather we enjoyed. We were lucky because it could have poured and rained the whole day!

The weather wasn’t so nice on Easter Monday, but we had a long brunch at then spent the whole day in the Deutsches Museum for Kay, which I also struggled to stay awake through. 🙂 It was just a little too technical for me, but Kay was in heaven!

View from our hotel over the train station. We are making it a thing to stay by train stations. I also stay at the main station in Berlin and it is so convenient to get to and from the airport! If only Munich actually had a train to their airport and not a 45 minute bus ride. But we were leaving from the train station home via bus, so it was still convenient in the end.

Only when we finally made it to our IC bus and were sat in the front row of the upper deck did it start to drizzle and rain.

I guess it’s hard to be super impressed by German cities when it’s a little cold and rainy, or maybe I have just seen one too many German town by now. We did visit in early April, so maybe it is better during the summer? Berlin for one was a lot better in June rather than December!

3 thoughts on “Munich”

  1. You can take the S Bahn to the airport in Munich. Both the S1 and S7 go there. Unless something is under construction and things have changed since I was last in Munich in October, which in Munich is always possible. The Hauptbahnhof has been under construction for years.

  2. Aww man that stinks that you had sucky weather. I think weather makes a huge difference in experiencing a city. Both times I’ve been to Paris, it rained the whole time we were there and I think that’s why I feel “ehh” about Paris.

    Opposite to your experience I went to Munich in the summer time – it was gorgeous! We did a quick bike tour since we didn’t have much time, stopped at an outdoor beer garden, etc.

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