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2014 Exercise Goals

Today is officially one month since the start of my gym membership!  After one month of waking up early and heading to the gym before coming in to work,  I thought that it’s appropriate to share my status and goals for this year.

Strengths: Waking up early to work out, walking, overnight mountain hikes, Via Ferrata
Intermediate: Climbing, Running, Elliptical
Weakness: Zumba, Lifting, Cycling, Yoga, Stair climbing, Inclines in general, Flexibility

Favorite workout programs: Spinning, because it pushes me so hard
Favorite Gear: My Adidas sports bra, all my dry fit shirts, heart rate monitor from Adidas
Favorite App: miCoach by Adidas

Pace: 11:15-12:30 min/mile depending on how long I run

Goals Working Toward:

  • Maintain a minimum of 210 Minutes of exercise a week (30 min a day) by working out mainly M-F mornings before work
  • Build endurance so I am not even fazed by stairs, let alone long hikes or runs
  • Strengthen back muscles for improved posture and lessen back pain,
  • Strengthen abdomen (lazy gut) for better digestion and boost my bikini self esteem
  • Strengthen lungs for improved general health and strengthening immune system
  • Strengthen legs specifically so I can manage stairs, inclines and hikes better
  • Lower my running pace eventually to under 10min a mile
  • Work on flexibility later on by introducing yoga and/or diet change
  • Finish a second climbing course and go more often in the summer to the mountains

Current schedule:
M: Spinning class – 55-60min
T: Weight Routine – 30 min, Elliptical 15 min
W: Running 6-7k – 45 min
R: Weight Routine – 30 min, Elliptical 15 min
F: Running 6-7k – 45min

It was just a fun survey to fill out, but I’d be interested in hearing your goals and progress too! I’m still really a total n00b at exercising and all of my strengths are loosely defined. They are just my “personal” strengths, but I aim to shift those in the next year!

Do you think it’s important to set goals for exercising? What are yours?

OSU vs Wisconsin

Kay and I traveled home to Columbus a couple weeks ago to meet my future-sister-in-law, visit with my parents and siblings, attend and photograph a friend’s wedding, spend time with Grandma, go shopping (for curtain fabric!), meet with friends and take Kay to his first OSU game!

My little brother plays the flugelhorn in the marching band this year and we are all SUPER proud of him. It was doubly awesome that he beat his challenge the week we came so he would be playing in the game on Saturday AND before the game we got to meet him after watching him play in the skull session.

How handsome is he?? OK, both of them. I think Kay is pretty good looking too. 🙂

Kay was pretty pumped for his early birthday present to see the game. It was his first time on campus seeing a game and experiencing the crazy atmosphere that Buckeyes provide while tailgating.

We also went with my sister and brother-in-law who had access to a dentistry tailgate. Woohoo!

With food and beer in our bellies, we hurried to the stadium before kick off to make it in time before the band would march onto the field.

The game was great! OSU was playing Wisconsin, the same team they played on our wedding day two years ago. We were a little busy that day, but just like two years ago… we also won this year! Woohoo!

Listening to an OSU professor’s advice, we took selfies and I took panoramas of our crazy huge stadium.

It was a little funny that OSU was holding a “red-out” asking everyone to wear red, but red is also a color for the Badgers, so all the Wisconsin fans had red on too. It made them look a bit silly to be honest, blending in with all those Buckeyes fans! 😉

We were at the highest row of seats in C-Deck but we had a pretty unobstructed view of the field, even if it was not optimal viewing the halftime band performance sideways.

I *might* have spent more of the game spying for my little brother in the band section, but I have to say that watching football with binoculars is way more fun than playing eye-spy from way up high.

Kay got really into the game too and was cheering for OSU. I was SO proud.

I would have been cheering too but I happened to get laryngitis from my mom that week and it was the first day I lost my voice so my “WOOHOO!” was all “………………………!”

Kay thought it was really ridiculous that I was sick on holiday again, but we still had a great time before my awful cough developed the next week. The OSU game was really a blast!