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Gluten Free Pizza

Sometimes I really get a hankering for pizza that the gluten free frozen stuff won’t cut. I need the real deal, so I turn to the Minimalist Baker for an easy gluten free dough recipe.Lately for pizzas, I’ve been plundering the garden for fresh herbs like oregano and basil.After baking for 20 minutes, I pulled that pizza out and started laying on the toppings, starting with the sauce.Depending on the flours you use for the dough, it will have different tastes. I forget now what I used the first time I made this, but it had a nutty flavour that I liked. This time I used the basic Migros Aha brand because it is a nice simple flour, but the crust turned out a little denser than I would like.It was a really pretty pizza though. I piled on our slow cooker BBQ pulled pork leftovers, mozzarella, and Gorgonzola.The final product tasted great and I’m getting hungry again just looking at these photos. Ahhh pizza, one of my great loves, only now so hard to be with because of gluten! Making our own pizza is a must on a gluten free diet. You just cannot stop the pizza urge sometimes and nothing is really better than homemade food anymore.

Do you make your own pizza? Is it better than what you can get in a restaurant?

April Garden

Happy Swiss labor day everyone!

I’m excited that my cilantro seeds are actually sprouting! Last year I tried to start them in a pot outside, but I think that I did not keep them moist enough, so they dried out and sort of burned in the sun. Oops.

But not this year! Look at them!

I don’t think the sage likes having the tree bark around it. Whenever I use this bark in pots, it seems to kill whatever plant is there. It must be messing with the Ph or acidity levels too much. But I don’t know enough about horticulture to know why exactly.

Oregano is looking good.

As is the starter cilantro plant.

I planted my starter parsley in the same box as our bamboo and it seems like it is competing with the bamboo. The bamboo in there has not gone totally crazy, so I thought there should still be room for some other things to flourish, but it might be too difficult for the parsley.

Rosemary doing fine in a pot on top of the bamboo box.

Not sure I put enough soil on the basil, it’s kinda flopping already. I’m a little too lazy to re-pot it though this late.

The thyme probably needs moved out of the sun and rain.

The lavender is going nuts in its little corner of its box, next to the clematis, which looks like it’s also doing all right after being planted last summer.

I think these are my tomato seeds sprouting.

…and these should be my… lettuce? I forget which pot this photo is from. 🙂

So, that’s about where things are at this point. Kay’s been walking around the balcony pulling weeds because he gets nervous that they will destroy the roof of the flat below our balcony.

I’ve also been rearranging garden furniture, but I’m not quite happy with it. I always seem to try a new setup each year. We’ll see what I settle on for 2015.

How is your garden doing?