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Oslo GF Eats

Oslo is a really easy city to eat gluten free. They are wonderful about labeling things in menus and we even noticed gluten free products in the train stations being advertised.

We stayed in a Scandic Byporten hotel, partly because we know they offer wonderful buffet breakfasts. Kay was really looking forward to eating salmon tartare. But not only did they have fresh fruits, veggies and meat for me, they also had gluten free bread and even gluten free knekkebrød (crisp bread/crackers).

Knowing that eggs are bad, I avoided those completely and filled up instead on bread, knekkebrød, salmon, beans, veggies, cheese and fruit. They also had wonderful smoothies, fresh pressed juice, and coffee. On the last day I even had some of their gluten free muesli, which surprised me. I felt very well taken care of! The breakfast of the hotel was actually at one of the Egon restaurants in Oslo, the one next to the train station obviously. They had a partnership with the hotel to let guests eat there and since I had read about them in my gluten-free research, they were already on my list for dinner places.They didn’t offer so many gluten free options at dinner. The gluten-free menu was only in Norwegian, but it wasn’t too hard to follow along with the English menu. My pizza was fine, but maybe a little boring. I was really stuffed in the end though. We had an appetiser and it was just SO much food in the end.The next night we thought about just going back to Egon Restaurant again because it was insanely convenient to just pop down from the hotel there, but we thought maybe it is a bit lame to eat all our meals including breakfast at our hotel restaurant basically.

Sure, we eat a bit more constricted thanks to my diet, but we have never been the type to eat all the meals at one spot night after night. Kay didn’t like any of the non-Norwegian options I’d found in my gluten-free research, so he found a burger place we could try, but when we got there, we found that it was definitely closed and looked like it was still under construction.

Folks, this has happened to us a lot lately in our search for gluten free food! But… but… we had also passed a Brazilian churrascaria. We agreed to check out the burger place, but see if the churrascaria had room if the burger place was closed.


We didn’t realise quite when we sat down, but outside of Brazil, this is the best churrascaria that either of us have been to… and that’s saying something coming from the Brazilian himself.

We started out with delicious pão de queijo cheese breads which, score, were naturally gluten free. I kept asking about gluten free things, but the buffet even had gluten free signs on all the dishes everywhere and with options like feijoada, farofa and more, lots of things were already gluten free by natural. Brazil is just amazing!

The meat was also mouth-wateringly amazing.

They also made a mean caipirinha. Kay was really afraid about the costs of alcohol because Norway has notoriously expensive alcohol and their cost of living is on par with Zurich, but they worked out to 15CHF a piece, which is honestly pretty fair. Back home, you can easily pay 20-25CHF for one of these drinks.

The only thing I couldn’t really partake in was Kay’s dessert, which was a chocolate mousse with normal flour somewhere in there. I’m sure I could have ordered something gluten free, but to be honest, I was SO stuffed from all the meat by that point, I did not have room.

We both left, so, so full. And even with the drinks, our meals only came out to around 80CHF per person, which in Zurich is also pretty darn fair, especially considering all the high quality cuts of meat we ate, the unlimited buffet food and the drinks and dessert.

I can only recommend this place for everyone, even if it’s not “Norwegian” food, we couldn’t stop thanking ourselves that the burger place was closed and we made it here instead of going to the Egon Restaurant again.


Easter weekend in Oslo was marvellous. While it rained in Switzerland (ha ha!) we enjoyed deep blue skies and bright sun. I couldn’t get enough of the weather, even if it was a little chilly still. It wasn’t worse than the cold temps back home!

I bleached my hair again right before we left so that I was nordic blonde. Maybe it was the shock of seeing sun again, but I was crazy about taking selfies that weekend.

Yeah, soak up that sun. Mmm.

I also tried to take lots of selfies of me and Kay, because otherwise I would almost never have any pictures of the two of us. He’s so cute too!

We visited the Nobel Museum, the Fram museum, Kon-Tiki Museum, Holmenkollen Ski Museum, National Museum of Art, the Norwegian Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, and the Munch Museum.

The Nobel Museum had some very cool interactive design engaging museum-goers. I was really impressed how well it was done.

The Fram museum really tired me out. It was dark and not set up very well and to be honest, I am just not as interested in viking ships as Kay is. He really wanted to go to the Viking Ship Museum as well, but by the time we finished the Kon-Tiki museum, it was too late!

It was a funny shaped museum to match the ships. I was happy to get moving outside. I was starting to fall asleep on my feet!

Since all the museums were closing, we decided to head to the opera house to check it out.

We watched the sun setting until we got hungry and then headed back to the hotel for dinner.

I really liked our Scandic hotel. It was innovative and cool with lots of handy touches. The only negative was that it was a bit cold the first day, so I ran the space heater they provided… but then it was sooo stuffy hot the last night, we could barely sleep and opening a window was not possible.

Aside from that, it was conveniently located at the train station and it had great Norwegian breakfasts!

View below from the top of the Holmenkollen ski jump.

Sooo happy about the sun and good weather! 😀

After the ski jump, museums started closing so we headed down to the brand new renovated harbour.It was beautiful! All the buildings are gorgeous and we imagined ourselves living there some day.

Love is in the air!More new buildings in the “thieves island”.

The main train station with our hotel to the left.

The last night had a wonderful sunset and then on Easter morning when we flew away, it was starting to cover up a bit. We were happy to leave for Munich then.

We had our early morning ride to the airport and then we were off!

Oslo is a beautiful, clean city with easy transportation, lots of museums, wonderful gluten free food options and more. We really enjoyed this weekend trip!