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Gluten Free Munich

Munich was definitely not the easiest place to eat gluten free. I did research before and it seemed like there were not really specific restaurants you could go to with gluten free menus, but suggestions of places or things to eat which would be celiac-friendly… and well, I don’t necessarily need a list of places to eat if I have to wing it like that.

The first night we got there we wanted to go to something like the Hofbräuhaus, but going to this typical German-style restaurant with beer and wurst is really hard for me. We ended up at Augustiner-Keller which was all right, but nothing special.

The waiter was a little abrasive. When I asked about a gluten free menu or gluten free possibilities, he reacted like, “What? You can’t eat bread or flour? What can you eat? Can you eat anything??”… kind of like, well… you’re going to be a difficult customer, what are you doing in my section of the restaurant?

We noticed later on that he seemed to be the roughest of all the servers. He really just wanted to take our orders and serve us our food quickly and make a tip and I can’t really fault him for that, but I always appreciate when waiters and cooks are sensitive and understanding about my diet. I can’t help it and yes, it sucks, but please don’t make it worse for me!

I couldn’t order from most of the menu, but I ended up with good old potatoes (celiac classic), lamb without sauce and some fresh horse radish, which was honestly the most flavourful part of my dish. I also had some mediocre wine because gluten free beer is not to be found in any Keller in Munich.

Breakfast at our hotel was better. I picked the NH Hotel Group which we first stayed at in Madrid. I had booked this hotel before Madrid, hoping that it is a nice chain and it does not disappoint.

The German version of the hotel offers even more gluten free options, including packaged bread, gluten free muesli, fresh veggies, deli options, etc.

On the last day at the Deutsches Museum, I wanted to go to a restaurant early before our bus at 6pm, but even after we scrambled to get there on time, it was not open yet at 4:30. We ended up running back to the train station where I was almost crazy hangry. I ended up breaking down and ordering my very first döner box. I have been really afraid to eat döner since going gluten free, but I just ordered it in a box and I didn’t seem to react, so I think it was OK without the bread and watching out for the base. Kay asked if I wanted couscous or rice, and of course couscous has gluten so that’s a no!

I  felt a lot better after the döner. We picked up a few more snacks for our 4 hour ride back to Zurich and were on our way.


We knew that the weather in Munich over Easter weekend was not supposed to be as nice as Oslo. The forecast called for rain or snow, which it did both of, but luckily we enjoyed a little bit of cloudy blue skies and sun on the first day.

Knowing that it would be colder than Oslo (that’s global warming for you…) we headed first to the BMW museum for Kay.

I was a little museum-ed out after Oslo, so mostly, I was super tired and a little bored going through here. This was all for Kay, who pretty well enjoyed himself here in car paradise.

It was a little hard to get excited about the BMW museum after visiting Geneva’s Motor Show twice already, where they have a sick display of incredible cars. In comparison, the BMW museum was a little lackluster.

Around Munich, it definitely was colder than Oslo! It actually snowed while we were at the BMW museum. After the warm weather the week before in Zurich, I was actually SO surprised about the weird white stuff coming out of the sky, which really looked like styrofoam, I kept asking Kay, “What is this stuff??” Apparently it was more of an industrial snow, hence the weird texture.

We still managed to find a little bit of sun at the English Garden.

We ventured in a little before heading to the Cathedral for Easter evening mass.

In the church, we were actually surprised that the service was only like 30 minutes and did not include communion, so it did not “count” as a church service. Oops. But thank goodness, because I almost fell asleep in church!

Some evening sun.

I was pretty happy with the weather we enjoyed. We were lucky because it could have poured and rained the whole day!

The weather wasn’t so nice on Easter Monday, but we had a long brunch at then spent the whole day in the Deutsches Museum for Kay, which I also struggled to stay awake through. 🙂 It was just a little too technical for me, but Kay was in heaven!

View from our hotel over the train station. We are making it a thing to stay by train stations. I also stay at the main station in Berlin and it is so convenient to get to and from the airport! If only Munich actually had a train to their airport and not a 45 minute bus ride. But we were leaving from the train station home via bus, so it was still convenient in the end.

Only when we finally made it to our IC bus and were sat in the front row of the upper deck did it start to drizzle and rain.

I guess it’s hard to be super impressed by German cities when it’s a little cold and rainy, or maybe I have just seen one too many German town by now. We did visit in early April, so maybe it is better during the summer? Berlin for one was a lot better in June rather than December!