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Gluten Free Luxembourg

I was a little bit fed up with searching for “authentic local also gluten free” food, so in my planning for Luxembourg, I just went with whatever works… and that ended up being Indian!

First night we ate at Everest because it was just down the street from our hotel, which was having difficulty finding keycards for guests and couldn’t check anyone in for awhile.The food was fine and the waiter made some recommendations that would be OK for me to eat.We enjoyed stuffing ourselves silly before heading back to the hotel to check in.The crispy bread was apparently made from lentil flour, so it was also OK. Kay also ordered a garlic naan at my insistance, with mint, but it wasn’t the best naan ever. He said it was a bit dry.Breakfast at the Radisson Park Inn was pretty good. I had my fill of mushrooms because Kay hates them, as well as a mix of bacon, sausages, tomatoes, a bit of scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, and freshly squeeze orange juice. They had a funny juicer that looked like it took a ton of work to clean, but the juice was great!

On Saturday we also stopped at Adriano for some ice cream. Ice cream was very necessary for coping with the heat.We stopped for a cider at a pub. We never do things like this in Zurich because of how much it costs, so midday drinking or even just drinking outside the house seems like a luxury on trips like this. On Saturday night we didn’t feel like going far walking. We didn’t have a car in Luxembourg, so we just went to Taj Mahal for some more Indian.I wasn’t really wowed by the food, but it was fine. It filled me up.

Walking to and from the restaurant was a little scary though. There were several guys who looked like they could be dealers making  coded gestures to each other and I didn’t want to be around that. I didn’t want to find out if they were planning on mugging us or if they were just into drug dealing. We kept our heads down and got back to the hotel as fast as possible.The next day breakfast was more of the same. I am still eating like twice as much as Kay and don’t know where I am putting it. I am skinnier than ever!After visiting the the casemates, we wandered around quite a lot to find a place open for early dinner. We would up at Restaurant Brasserie G L’Beguin Sàrl, which had some divine scallops and risotto. Risotto is my old gluten free go-to and it went perfectly with some rose and ice cream for dessert.

Once again, I’m getting a little hungry thinking about all this food again. I cannot seem to get food off my mind lately.


Luxembourg was a fun weekend where we didn’t have much planned. It was not a long weekend, so it was a pretty tight weekend trip, but it’s such a small town that there’s not so much to see anyway.

We had also just found out about Kay’s acceptance to INSEAD and we were riding the short wave of joyful anticipation before his planning stress set in.Something about city trips always makes me feel extra romantic, especially during these last months with Kay. I want to soak up this time in a bottle and remember it later when we are alone and down.I planned the Luxembourg trip ages back because I wanted to go somewhere for my birthday weekend and Luxembourg happened to have some affordable tickets then.

It did happen to be one of the hottest weekends, if not the hottest weekend in Switzerland/Europe of the whole year. It was 37ºC/99ºF and unlike Switzerland, Luxembourg does not have an abundance of open bathing opportunities like Switzerland. We nearly melted!

I asked the hotel staff where they go to cool down and they pointed us in the direction of two indoor swimming pools. Other than that, all the rivers/ponds/bodies of water outdoor were not for swimming. We figured it wasn’t worth going inside, so we just enjoyed the radiating heat after all our cold weather and accepted that we would be pretty sweaty by the end of the trip.

Luxembourg was small enough that we ended up going to the same tourist destinations as the other couples visiting the city. We ran into the same folks quite a few times at historical sites, museums, and even pub cafes.

It was great on Saturday to have a bit of “us” relaxation time in the park in the shade. Time like that is important to relish!

I was also into photographing almost all the nature.

Down below there was a couple getting married on Saturday. The bride had a traditional white gown on and I can only imagine how much she was sweating in her dress. It was killer heat.

I thought the city was pretty charming for a weekend trip. It had a fair amount of hills to walk up and down and a strange mix of old and new architecture.

Here I am doing my favorite thing… ruining Kay’s shot. I learned from the best himself. 😉

We stayed at a Radisson Park Inn because I wanted to splurge a little for my birthday. The hotel was alright, but it was not in the best area of town and I was a little disappointed in the quality for price factor for the hotel.  We had a couple times at night where we were nervous getting back to the hotel because it was a rough area.

Below we visited Bock Casemates, the fortification around the old city.It was a little cooler out of the sun at least. 🙂

Sunday afternoon we went through a small brewery district in search of restaurants open for early dinner before our flight back.

All I really wanted to do at this point was sit down and enjoy a cold drink.

It’s always about a thousand times nicer to visit a city with great weather. It leaves such an impression on your opinion of the place.At the end of our trip we were tired, hot, and sweaty. We had thoroughly enjoyed the heat even without a nice dip in water.

As the first city trip after Helsinki where we lost Kay’s mother, it was nice to have a successful trip, even if things are very, very different these days.