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A Place for my Paper

During a spring cleaning weekend, Kay finally had time to take a look at our toilet paper holder for the master bath and get that bad boy mounted.

The original plan from the contractor was to have the toilet paper holder go to the upper right of the toilet, because the toilet is a bit too far from the opposite wall to mount it for front access.

Well, I hated the idea of putting it on the wall with the toilet. It’s always a pain to twist back there to grab some TP, and as a lady, it’s not really a “sometimes” option. I also did not want it on the wall between the toilet and the shower because that seemed like a soggy disaster waiting to happen.

The contractor did not want to take responsibility for drilling into our shiny new bathroom cabinet and originally we planned to just sticky mount the holder up there, but that proved impossible with the design of the mount. Soo…. finally after getting the correct size screws, Kay mounted it.


I have to say, I’m really happy it’s finally up. The only tad negative thing is that we didn’t open the box for the toilet roll for the longest time, and so we did not realize that there is a problem with the finish of the metal that makes it look like the holder has water on it or is dirty. It kinda bugs me, but I’m still happier to have the toilet paper off the top of the sink and into a real holder.

All this begs the question, which way do you put the toilet paper in your holder? We’re obviously a cat-less household. 😉