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Beer can chicken

Kay practised a lot of recipes from his Weber grill book this summer and our favourite by far was the beer can chicken.

Kay even wanted to buy this special wire beer can holder while we were in the States in April and an iGrill bluetooth thermometer so he could monitor grill temperatures from his iPhone and iPad. (Yes, he’s a dork like that.) 🙂

I threw a big shit when Kay wanted to use real beer the first time we made this. I didn’t want any gluten beer anywhere near my chicken. I’m not even really drinking the gluten free beer at the moment because it’s not 100% gluten free, but I consented that we could pour some of that into a can (GF beer only comes in glass bottles here) and use that instead.

I did suggest he use something like pineapple juice instead of beer, but Kay has been talking about making beer chicken since way before I was diagnosed with celiac, so we did the gluten free beer in a clean mini coke can and it was fine.

Look at this chicken, hamming it up. So sexy!

Not only was it fine, it was damn delicious! Like, mouth watering good.

It was moist and flavorful and everything you want in chicken.

We liked it so much that we made it again for our civil union anniversary because practically all of the restaurants in Zürich are closed on Sunday evenings.

When we made it again, we also paired it with some risotto from the Kenwood Chef. It was my first time really using it to cook something and it turned out wonderful!

Yes, I am already looking forward to when I can enjoy this chicken again. We save the bones so I can make gluten-free bouillon in the slow cooker and I’m just such a fan. 🙂

Go try this recipe if you eat meat! Beer can chicken.

Summer in Switz

A couple weeks ago, temperatures reached 90ºF/30ºC and summer finally hit Switzerland, so for the past couple weekends I hit the lake for grilling and went swimming at lunch every day at work. It was glorious!

China garden exploded with people coming out to enjoy the sun and I even found myself with a moderate tan after a week!

Is there any better place to enjoy your lunch? It was like going on vacation every day at noon.

Sadly Kay was in Mexico during most of the nice weather and when he came back we were starting to experience lots of summer thunderstorms. But we still spent several days last week going to the local Badi after work to swim and lounge in the sun.

In typical Swiss fashion, thunderstorms rolled in for the weekend, clouded up our weekend in Paris and when we came back the temperature had dropped to a meek 53ºF/12ºC. Ouch!

So… that was summer. Maybe it will make a return, but I’m not holding my breath. What’s worse is that I burned my shoulders slightly and it’s already peeling off. There goes my summer glow!

How’s the summer weather where you are?