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Planting Bulbs

Earlier this summer I bought these rad flower pots (yes, rad) and then went crazy and lined our whole balcony rail with them. Since then, they’ve been empty, but as fall was approaching, I decided to plant bulbs in all the pots to enjoy next spring.Planting bulbs in the autumn is something my father always does, so I was reminded of him a lot as I dug all the holes for the bulbs.I am still not sure how well bulbs will do in pots instead of ground soil, but I tried to buy bulbs that matched the depth of soil in my pots.The red dot on the packs also says “also for balconies and pots”, so I am hoping they are happy bulbs. Our balcony is pretty sheltered from wind in the courtyard, so they shouldn’t freeze too much.
I couldn’t buy exactly the kind my Dad gets because he plants deeper in the ground, but I did manage to find some varieties that are close to his daffodils.We’ll see what happens!

Have you ever planted flower bulbs? How did they turn out?

June Garden Update

Things are finally starting to bloom here! Look at the clematis going wild this year:

We also have lots of happy roses, some ours and some from the neighbors, poking through the fence.

I really like the red ones. I’m proud how much they have shot up, even though I didn’t do much for them!

 This little corner with the neighbor and my clematis and the climbing roses is just lovely. Also look at that lavender at the left in the box going nuts!

My cherry tomato plants are also coming up nicely, but I’m not sure when I should transplant some to a new spot. There are too many here for one pot!

Also my lettuce, which looks a bit spotty already. I haven’t started picking it yet because I’m intimidated, but I should start.

And the pink climbing roses, which seem more like bush roses, on the other side of the balcony.

I’m really impressed how many things came back from last year and do a lot of real spring growing in April and May. It’s so fun to watch!

How are your gardens coming along this year?