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Fitness Friday: Balancing Act

Kay joined the same gym as me awhile back and took advantage of the complementary wellness checkup. He came home and told me his balance was awful. My balance has always been OK, but while I was buying my official running shoes, the salesmen recommended that I think about buying some balance balls to strengthen my ankles and feet for running because they seemed a little weak after looking at the analysis scans.

Normally I don’t buy into extras like this. I actually went home and didn’t buy the balls for a couple weeks, but eventually I thought it would be a good idea for us to try them out. The balls came in a pack of two. They have a flat side to rest on the floor and spikes to stimulate the blood flow in the feet.

To use them, I stand with one foot on the ball while I brush my teeth. We have electric toothbrushes that buzz four times for the different sides of the mouth, and top and bottom, so after two buzzes I switch feet. The whole thing takes about a minute and a half and I only do it at night because the salesman said once a day should be enough.

I finally had my own wellness checkup this week where they tested my balance and I was pretty darn good! I was almost exactly in the middle of the “green zone” and the trainer said that most often, people are completely in the red zone and that he was really impressed.

Kay is still working on his balance, but he’s a little less consistent about doing it every night, although he did start doing it in the morning as well. Maybe at his next checkup, he’ll have improved a significant amount! It is a small way to improve stability.

Do you make any small efforts to improve your health or multitasking efforts to work exercise into your daily routine?

A Healthy 2015

Hi folks. Pardon the lack of blogging lately! 2015 is shaping up to be a busy year and I haven’t had much time in the evening to write.

It’s been almost a year since I finally joined a gym and started going every weekday morning and almost a year since I had to quit gluten. After I pulled my back during our 2013 move and dealing with some lingering issues sitting in a chair at work all day, I decided to finally prioritize my health in 2014.

To be honest, I started stretching my hamstrings because I could not even bend over my sink while brushing my teeth without pain. I had to lean my arms on the sink itself to support myself while bending over. I was bending all wrong!

For the entire year, I practiced proper bending whenever I had a chance. Every time I bent to load the dishwasher, fold laundry or pick something up off the ground, I really tried to consciously utilize my hamstrings instead of forcing my back to do the work.

At night, I made extra effort to hold a strong stretch for 10-20 seconds while brushing my teeth. Slowly, slowly, I could reach a bit further until I finally touched the ground; First with my fingertips and now with my entire hand.

I have to say… I feel surprised, proud and impressed with my results. I could never touch my toes as a child, even in gym class at the age of 8, so to be able to put my entire palm on the ground really astounds me! I’m not sure if it is the gym, the gluten free-diet or both in addition to the stretching, but I’ll keep it up!

I plan to work more on my flexibility in the next year to improve it even more. Let’s see where I get by 2016!

Can you touch your toes?