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New bedroom, or not

Almost as soon as Kay left for France, I decided that I wanted a drastic change in the bedroom to make the space “mine” while he was gone. I didn’t want to feel like he’s missing in my bed all year long, so I thought that changing the room could make it more “my place” and less “our place”.

To do so, I planned out on our floor plan on the computer how to move the bed 90º to face the windows and open up a large floor space in front of the bathroom.It was pretty tight, but I moved the whole bed frame and the extremely heavy Tempur automated bed frames myself, as well as the dressers, using cloths to make sure the floor was not damaged.I even set up Christmas lights and tied all the cords for the automated bed frames up nice and neat. It was only when I was going to bed and went to close the bedroom door that I realized, the door didn’t shut!

Dammit!! The door wouldn’t shut by like 1″. It was SO tight. So close, yet so far. I had to move the whole bed, mattresses, and bed frames back and at that point, my muscles were really, really tired. The bed frames are so heavy with the motors. And this was when I was already ready to go to bed… ugh, stupid Katie!Since I couldn’t gain any floor space by having the bed in a different spot, I decided to put the smaller dresser in the wardrobe since Kay is not using it this year. It frees up the space in the room and makes the bedroom look a little more polished. I’m not totally a fan of this dresser shape, even if I like the mirror function.So here we are, right back at the beginning, just without the small dresser. Not much difference, but I took out the nightstands and still have all the cables tied up under the bed so that the robot vacuum can come in here and clean while I am away at work.Normally I am better with visualizing whether things fit or not, but I missed the mark in this case.

Have you ever gotten the measurements of something wrong before finding it out after you make a move?

More blackout curtains

When we visited Ohio in September 2013 to buy fabric for our bedroom curtains, I originally planned for four curtains. Unfortunately, the store only had enough of the fabric Kay and I agreed on to make two curtains, so for almost two years, two curtains was what we had.

While the single curtains were just enough to cover the windows, the gap between the window and the curtain rail above was enough to let some light in through the sides, so we started leaving our shutters closed all the time to block out more of the blazing streetlights. It was too much of a pain to pull the curtains aside, open up the window, close or open the shutters, close the window, and rearrange the curtains every morning and evening.

I decided in April to pull the trigger and order more fabric, international shipping even! And then I let that fabric sit in my house all spring and summer while I nervously worried how on earth I would make two matching curtains to my current 2.77m ones. I was always hoping for a weekend when Kay would be away, but those kept getting cancelled too, so finally this weekend I decided to be brave and figure out how to do the whole thing again.

I’m very happy to say that I succeeded with some almost perfect curtains!Thank God for detailed measuring notes in my planning book! I didn’t have 100% all the details down, like the important part of trimming 10cm off the sides of the blackout fabric on the back so that the patterned fabric would wrap nicely around to the back, but after 8 hours of intense labor, these babies are done!Not to be underestimated, the bobbin did run out in the home stretch, and I had temporarily “forgotten” how to rewind it quickly because it had been months since I’d used my machine which I am still getting used to. And the needle broke after that. Why do all these problems occur after midnight?Still, I was able to wrap them up and put them up before we went to bed and I have to say… the effect is awesome. It’s sooo dark in here now.

I think we will continue to leave the shutters closed on weekends to sleep in, but the curtains now work so well that I can leave the shutters open all week and then just open the curtains quickly in the morning when we get up. I’m so jazzed I finally got this big bedroom project done!

What was one of your most satisfying home projects to finish?

Planning Wardrobes/Closets

Before we met with the guys at Dogern, I had an idea of where we might want to have wardrobes so I sent over this floor plan of our room and where the wardrobes could go.

In the end, Kay and I decided that we probably don’t need all that wardrobe space and that it would be better to keep that corner by the bed free of any built in wardrobe. If we really need extra room we can buy a dresser in addition to the main wardrobe, but I told Kay it would be smart to keep it free. If Kay is studying abroad some day, there is a vague possibility that I would want a roommate if I stay in Switzerland by myself, so I thought it is smarter to be able to fit a desk in the bedroom if I need to put on in there.

It just keeps our options open, which I like. Plus I’m having trouble convincing Kay we should put a giant mirror in the hallway to cover up the utility panels, but he seems more open to putting one on the wall by my side of the bed.

Since I know we have to have three sections in the wardrobes, I wrote the wardrobe guy that we would like offers for two options.

Option 1:

The idea of  option one is that we give ourselves tons of hanging room utilizing lifting clothes hangers and then have an additional dresser on the other wall so I can store my socks, undies, etc all. This would also be a cheaper option because it has less of those €250-a-piece drawers.

Option 2:

The second option still utilizes raising hangers at the top, but it has a bunch of drawer space at the bottom so that we can fit all of our clothes into the wardrobe, not just the hanging ones.

I’ve asked to have prices for option one and two with and without frame-less doors. Going frame-less would look wonderful, but I’m afraid the cost will be too high, especially for option two with all its drawers. The more we talk about it, the nicer it would be not to have a dresser, but Kay hasn’t seen any with me so I’m a little unsure about that too.

Did you have a lot of indecision trying to figure out your wardrobe situation? Or are you still living with “meh, that works” situation?