Missing Christmastime

It’s April now, but somehow spring has not gotten really started yet. The weather is calling for snow next week (snow?!) and it is reminding me why this part of the year is the hardest.

January-April in Switzerland can be pretty bleak, especially compared to this part of December I am thinking back to skies like this.In December, we had several fantastic sunsets, plus the towns are all decorated in Christmas cheer that raise your spirits even on the bleak days.For whatever reason, for most of January-March, you never see a sky like below.Also, you have fab Christmas parties with delicious food to look forward to!I am not sure I’ll be able to take part in the Christmas party this year, because I plan to be in Singapore for Kay’s graduation around then, but who knows.Also, when else is it appropriate to wear red noses around? Not in April!

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