AC/DC Zürich

Kay has wanted to see AC/DC for a long time, so I kept myself on the ticketcorner mailing list to try and snatch some tickets up whenever they decided to come back. Unfortunately though, within 10 minutes of sales, the tickets were sold out and already being re-listed on for 1500chf a piece or more. Even when they released tickets for a second weekend show, those also sold out within ten minutes. Infuriating!

Kay found some tickets being sold through work at a ridiculous amount, double the list price, but he decided to splurge for them because he doesn’t really spend money on himself aside from traveling and I agreed that he deserves a treat. The person selling them tried to push the price even further up, but Kay made it clear that he would not buy them for more than double. That’s just cra-zy. (Yeah, it was already a crazy price…)

Soo…. how did we like it?

Well, we had what at first appeared to be awesome seats to the stage. But as you can tell from the photo, we are right at the edge of a staircase that happened to lead down to the pit.

That banister down to the left was actually a little off-way from the stairs and people would stand there, or on the stairs in front of us and take photos during the WHOLE show. Now, at first you wouldn’t think it’s so annoying, but keep in mind that:

A: We paid for seats and this is Switzerland, if you pay for a seat, you sit

B: If you try to stand in your seat, you WILL be yelled at by the people behind you and by security who were shooing the people away in front of us all during the concert

C: There were like 50,000 people coming up and down those stairs during the whole concert. As soon as one person left or was made to leave, another would come.

It got really, really annoying.

At first, I tried being nice and just tapping on people to get them to leave, but as the concert went on, I was more and more angry about not being able to see anything and people got drunker and drunker.

Would you believe that most of the people stopping who refused to move on were men? They all felt like it was their damn right to stop on that staircase without paying for a seated ticket and just enjoy the show from there, in front of our seats, while we had a nice view of their asses.

You might wonder, why didn’t we just stand up? Well… I mentioned the people sitting behind us who were quite angry as well. Plus there were security guards making the people leave from time to time. They just weren’t fast enough to stop the troves of concert goers at all times.

Aside from that, which parts of the show we did see were awesome. But it was really hard to concentrate. I became a very angry woman who was shouting at a lot of people in German by the end of the night. Some of them gave me some attitude and for once, I just did not care. I yelled at those men to go away, sit down, get out of my face because I paid for a ticket to SEE the show!

Only at the very end of the show did everyone around us stand up, and then we could stand without having the guards tell us to sit down or the people behind us try to murder us. But man, between that and the fumes of cigarette smoke wafting up from the rows below us for the entire concert, I don’t think I ever want to see another concert in Letzigrund ever again. It’s pretty horrible for non-smokers.

But yeah, been there, done that. AC/DC, down in the books. And if you were wondering, yes, seeing Angus Young deliver a guitar solo worthy of the likes of Spinal Tap was a once in a lifetime experience and I am not sure that the younger generation will get to experience such fine solos like that in the future. It was something unforgettable!

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