Limmatschwimmen 2012 Preview

Last weekend we attended the Limmatschwimmen in Zürich for the first time ever. Not even my Swiss husband who grew up in Zürich had done it before. (Apparently it’s more an expat thing.)

That is not to say that Kay was unaware of it. He has worked during the Limmatschwimm many times on the boats running up and down the river that transport the swimmers’ clothing and the lone passenger. But this was the first year that he ever participated in the race himself.

Now, if you know me… you know I’m pretty lazy. There was no way we were taking part in the actual “race” part of the swim. No, no. We were there for the “Plauschwimmen” which is the “float down the river at your own pace” deal.

For 18CHF you are given a time slot for your swim, a free drink (Rivella!), an inflatable animal, a plastic sack for your belongings which are transported down the river for you while you float and then promptly given back to you when you get out of the water, ~ one hour floating time from Frauenbad to Obereletten, a hot tea when you get out of the cold river and then finally a commemorative glass cup to mark your achievement of floating without drowning.

There is some danger on the water though… which I’ve highlighted in my preview film. More to come later!

The Beginning

I suppose it’s about time I should write an inaugural post here.

Hello! I’m Katie.


And this is Kay, my husband man.

I am an American graphic designer/photographer and he is a Swiss-Brazilian electric engineer. We live in Switzerland, for the time being. I write and Kay shows up in pictures. I’ll be sure to let you know about his opinion on varying matters too. I’m very objective.*


Our newlywed status is starting to run a little thin, but we travel, cook and go on adventures. I’ll try not to be too boring, but I can’t promise exactly what I’ll talk about. You’ll just have to keep reading my sarcastic prose to figure it out.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.