It seems especially cruel when two people marry and one loses their life on the honeymoon. I’ve read about a couple stories like this in the past few years and it always strikes me as incredibly painful for the surviving spouse.

Can you imagine promising your life to your partner and then losing them before your celebratory trip is even over?? Imagine how devastating that would be. I wouldn’t even know how to recover from a loss like that.A few weekends ago we visited my MIL’s grave again on a beautiful autumn day. It makes me wonder what I would do if I lost Kay earlier than I would like… although I’m sure it will always be earlier than I want.

I want to spend a thousand lifetimes with him. If anything, this year really taught me that life is so fragile and so short and I want to try and enjoy and appreciate as much of it as possible, because I will never know how long I have here with him until it’s over.Of course it is hard to remember sometimes when I am caught up in a moment or I get upset about something, but the older I am, I do try to be more mindful and more humble. I am a work in progress, trying to let small things go and focus on the big picture.

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  1. That would be especially horrifying, agreed. I always get a little fearful whenever we plan something big for the future, the what-ifs centered around our mortality just weigh me down sometimes, like I’m tempting fate to look too far ahead. I try NOT to think about it (which only sometimes works) and just concentrate on the day to day.

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