A Weekday in the Life of Katie

A typical Tuesday. My life involves a lot of cleanup as I go and pre-planning to make things more efficient at home during the week.

5:10am For whatever reason, I always wake up about an hour before my alarm clock goes off. I check the time and fall back asleep. If I don’t check, I stress about the time and it prevents me from sleeping. I usually wake up 3-10 times a night, so I am used to falling back asleep.

6:15am Alarm rings. I turn it off, roll over, and tell Kay I love him before getting up and heading to the bathroom.6:18am-6:30am I change into my gym clothes, pull my hair back, and put my earrings on before heading to the kitchen to mix a prepared smoothie cup. I also sneak a piece of fresh banana bread, which isn’t usually around the house. After my quick breakfast I brush my teeth, put on my glasses and running shoes and head out.

6:30am Kay is already outside waiting for me while his Garmin watch attempts to locate him with GPS. It’s always a bit hard to get a signal in the city. We start our morning run.

6:30am-7:25am Why is running so hard?? My pulse is always somewhere between 150-175, while Kay’s stays around 120-130 the whole time.

7:25am Cool off walk and stretching.

7:30am-7:51am I shower and do my makeup and hair before dressing in clothes I picked out the night before. My alarm to leave the house rings at 7:51am. I have just enough time to grab my lunch from the fridge before kissing Kay goodbye. He takes the train after me because he works closer to home. Sometimes I ride with him if I am running late.

7:53am Out the door to the train with headphones on and music playing. After a short transfer, I have about 25 minutes in my next train to get my kindle out and read. I’m reading Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier right now.

8:30am I arrive at work, put my food in the fridge, and grab my morning ritual drinks: tea and water.

9:30am Depending on how much I have been working out, I start getting hungry for my morning snack between 9:30am and 11:30am. I only eat it if I am hungry, but I will even snack right before lunch if my blood sugar is dipping too low. Today I had a handful of almonds at 11:30.

10am-12pm Drink about 3 more teas and do work.12:45pm Lunchtime! Finally! I am starving again. The weather is bearable, so I go out with my colleagues to the lake. We heat up our food and take it with us picnic style. Summer swimming has ended and I think it’s time to take my bikini and towel home tonight.

1:45pm Back at work I wash  my tupperware out and make an afternoon tea.

2pm-5pm Drink more tea and water. I try to get all my water in at work so that I don’t have to worry about it at home.5:30pm I head home on the train and read some more.


6:05pm I pick out clothes for tomorrow and get gym clothes ready. I always do this right when I come home.

6:15pm Research health insurance because I am thinking of switching again and the annual deadline to switch is coming up. Being an adult is no fun sometimes.

7:00pm After that, I pack for our trip to Porto this weekend. Carry-on only. We’re pretty good at these weekend trips by now.7:10pm Get dinner ready with Kay. While the leftovers from the weekend are heating in the microwave, I wash dishes while Kay dries. Before my plate is done heating, I go outside on the balcony and grab some fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and parsley to add to my salad. 7:20pm Kay and I sit down to eat. I’m having fish and green beans tonight. He’s having pork meatballs and rice.7:45pm We put the dishes away and I take the now-dried recycling bottles out of the kitchen and put them in our containers in the pantry.  I also take the apple slices out of my brown sugar and stir it up before I forget about the apples. My brown sugar always goes hard because I don’t use it fast enough, but it’s important to keep it soft because it’s almost impossible to buy here!

7:50pm I start writing this post.

8:20pm I change into my PJs and wash my face before making myself some hot chocolate, which I’m really into lately with the weather changing.

8:45pm Computer time. I don’t always go on my computer at night, but I need to organize movies on my iPad for the weekend trip and research gluten free food in Porto. It’s important to do the research about food before we go so that I am prepared how to go about finding restaurants and eating. I also end up doing some research for hotels in Lima for our upcoming trip to Peru. We have a lot of travel planning to fit in during the evenings!

9:40pm Time to learn some Portuguese with Rosetta Stone and go over my lesson notes for tomorrow night’s class. While completing my listening portion of Rosetta Stone, I brush and floss my teeth.

10:25pm I pack my course materials in my bag for tomorrow and make sure my smoothie cup is ready to go for tomorrow morning. I also pull out some makeup so that it’s ready to go during my quick 20 minute routine tomorrow.

10:30pm I’m pretty tired and I have sore legs and arms from yesterday in the gym. Time to get in bed and read a little more before sleeping. Tomorrow is another strength training day.

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    1. Jep… totally possible to just change into a suit, walk five minutes to the lake and jump into clean water! It’s a bit of heaven in the summer. I really miss it during wintertime!

  1. For the brown sugar to stay soft, I keep mine in a glass container in the refrigerator covered with a moist paper towel before putting the lid on.

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