New bedroom, or not

Almost as soon as Kay left for France, I decided that I wanted a drastic change in the bedroom to make the space “mine” while he was gone. I didn’t want to feel like he’s missing in my bed all year long, so I thought that changing the room could make it more “my place” and less “our place”.

To do so, I planned out on our floor plan on the computer how to move the bed 90º to face the windows and open up a large floor space in front of the bathroom.It was pretty tight, but I moved the whole bed frame and the extremely heavy Tempur automated bed frames myself, as well as the dressers, using cloths to make sure the floor was not damaged.I even set up Christmas lights and tied all the cords for the automated bed frames up nice and neat. It was only when I was going to bed and went to close the bedroom door that I realized, the door didn’t shut!

Dammit!! The door wouldn’t shut by like 1″. It was SO tight. So close, yet so far. I had to move the whole bed, mattresses, and bed frames back and at that point, my muscles were really, really tired. The bed frames are so heavy with the motors. And this was when I was already ready to go to bed… ugh, stupid Katie!Since I couldn’t gain any floor space by having the bed in a different spot, I decided to put the smaller dresser in the wardrobe since Kay is not using it this year. It frees up the space in the room and makes the bedroom look a little more polished. I’m not totally a fan of this dresser shape, even if I like the mirror function.So here we are, right back at the beginning, just without the small dresser. Not much difference, but I took out the nightstands and still have all the cables tied up under the bed so that the robot vacuum can come in here and clean while I am away at work.Normally I am better with visualizing whether things fit or not, but I missed the mark in this case.

Have you ever gotten the measurements of something wrong before finding it out after you make a move?

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