Making room for Karl

As I mentioned, Karl was actually delivered very quickly, back in December when I ordered him. Kay started putting him together while I was gone one evening so that he would be ready in time for our Christmas party.

Of course I wanted to put the long end of the couch opposite from how Kay built it and after he finished it, he agreed… so he switched and and here is our setup since December. Don’t mind the balcony furniture piled up for the winter outside!

Sure, we could have matched more the size of the leather couch in relation to Karl’s long side, but we set it up like this because Karl seems to encroach on the TV less this way.

It is not a perfect seating setup, but it does provide a lot of seating room and some space for snacks and drinks to share.

I love the cozy nook in the corner. It is my favourite place to curl up with our two old pillows and my mothers comfy afghan.

When I have more time and money, I play on getting a ton of pillows for Karl and making funky pillow covers in bright colors like green, purple, yellow or teal to tie into the color scheme. We’re also thinking about a rug for the sofa area at some point.

Our space lamp arches over into the area and we’ve settled it above the table since Kay stood up into the lamp and broke the new philips hue bulb. (So expensive!) We have not replaced the bulb yet, so none of the LEDs diffuse anymore and it makes for odd color bands cast around the area.

Above you can see at this angle how if we put the long end of the sofa on the wall next to the TV it would be coming just a tad too close. I also thought it made more sense to have the wider part of Karl facing the TV where you would be viewing a movie.

So that’s our lounge area these days. It definitely sort of separates the lounge area from the dining area. I’ll have to see how it works in practice entertaining. It’s a whole lot of sofa!

How much seating have you got in your living room?

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