Today I woke up early enough to catch the 6:30 train and get to the gym on time for the start of spinning class at 6:45am. I told Kay I was feeling pretty nervous because it was my first class and it would be all in Swiss German.

It definitely was kind of terrifying at times, because anything new in a foreign language always freaks me out a bit, no matter how long I’ve been here. And indeed half the time I was either too tired to really understand what the teacher was saying or I didn’t really get what his Swiss German meant exactly… but he was very nice and showed me how to set up my bike and gave me some tips during class to try and make sure I wasn’t making any incorrect movements.

I almost thought I wouldn’t make it at times and wondered in some moments if each “Nochmal uefe!” (Up again!) was some variation of never-ending hell, but I persevered. I sweated like I haven’t sweat in months and I made my muscles nice and sore.

Kay was proud I made it through the whole spinning class when I texted him later and that I even have the willpower to get myself to the gym that early in the morning. And I have to say, there is something really satisfying about going to work at 8:45am and knowing that I am the only one in the office who has worked out for an hour already that day. Huzzah!

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