Gluten Free Lemon Bars

Awhile back I made lemon bars from The Everything Gluten-Free Baking Cookbook and they turned out very well. Go get this cookbook, it’s not half bad!I’ve tried out lemon bars a few times now before going gluten-free and while I have made my sister’s recipe with a gluten free flour mix, I think the crust here turned out better using the proper ratio of flours.Maybe it also had something to do with lining the pan with parchment, but these were a lot easier to get out of the pan than some lemon bars.Look at them fresh out of the oven! The picture of joy.

Lemon bars are perfect in the summer when you want a cool, tangy treat. I made them the night before a dinner with neighbors and they matched the dinner wonderfully.Sometimes past recipes have turned out insanely, really too sweet, but I liked the level of sweetness here. Very sweet of course, but not over the top and perfect when they are coming out of the fridge.We left the rest of the bars with the neighbors, but I’m honestly already thinking about making some more… it’s just a lot of sugar! These also have eggs in them, but still no problems with those, so now I’m wondering if I was just having phantom egg problems. That would be lovely, because there are a ton of egg-based desserts that I am dying to try out!

Are you a fan of lemon bars?

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