Gluten free eats: weekend porridge

Kay was hankering for some of my homemade oatmeal the other day, but I still haven’t reintroduced oats into my diet, so I told him I would make it with buckwheat grains. Problem was, we had run out of those!

With all the groceries in Switzerland being closed on a Sunday morning, I had to improvise. My mother sent me cream of rice awhile back for a gluten-free gnocchi recipe that I am supposed to try out, but I’ve found that I can buy gluten-free cream of rice at the health shop, so into the pan it went!

We had some leftover apples that I needed to use up so I diced up one in the food processor and threw it in with the cream of rice when it was done cooking, along with liberal amounts of cinnamon and a little sugar. I arranged the other apple’s slices around the plates and topped with cinnamon.

I try not to over-sugar things for Kay, but when we tasted it, it did need a little more. Kay reminded me that we still had some leftover sickeningly sweet apple syrup in the fridge that needed used up, so we dished that out on top and it was delicious!Are you a fan of a good cinnamon-y porridge?

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