Oi, Brasil! Learning Portuguese.

Never in a million years did I think I would be learning not one, but two languages, but the time has finally come to start learning Brazilian Portuguese.

Knowing how lazy I am, I really needed to book an actual course and go to school to start learning. I need the pressure and I need the vocal help from teachers, so I booked a course with Migros Klubschule.Portuguese courses are limited in Switzerland, but offer the Brazilian variant more often than Portugal, simply because we have so many Brazilians and Swiss-Brazilians here. Still, they are only offered in 6 month chunks, and at over 1000CHF a pop, it’s quite an investment.

With our trip to Brazil coming up in December, it will be my second time visiting Kay’s family and I hope this time traveling as his wife instead of girlfriend, that I will be able to say at least some small things to his family. They are really sweet and loving and we communicate a fair amount via Facebook translating, but it’s always different in person.

Here’s to getting my tongue around the pronunciation hurdles!!

2 thoughts on “Oi, Brasil! Learning Portuguese.”

  1. I visited Portugal a couple of years ago and thought Portuguese would come naturally since I know Spanish. Nope! The pronunciation is so different! That’s really sweet that you’re learning a new language to communicate with your in-laws. Enjoy the classes!

  2. Is it true that Portuguese is one of the hardest languages to learn? (Granted, this is coming from a remembered bit of dialog in that John Travolta movie, Phenomenon, hence the asking, hah!) Good for you, though, for giving it a go, regardless. I’m sure the family will appreciate your efforts and this is the sort of thing that keeps our brains from getting sluggish as we age 🙂

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