Finally, a real post wedding chop almost three years after the wedding!

I thought about it for a long time and told Kay that I would chop my hair off at some point. I had told myself I’d wait for my bangs to grow out, but then I decided against that and went home after work one night and did this:

I relented and finally went to the hair dressers for the first time in 15 years to trim up the back, which is quite short. I told them I didn’t want a shampoo, just a trim, and they ended up doing the shampoo against my wishes.

I also just wanted a trim, not a whole haircut, but the hair dresser went a little nuts and cut off more than I wanted. I wanted to keep the front much longer and more dramatically angled and at the end of the haircut he snipped off one side… then I thought he had to even it out, but when he went for the other side he did even more, so now the hair is about 3/4″ longer on one side than the other.

Shampoo plus “real” haircut I didn’t want, plus blow drying to double check the cut when it was dry cost me 95CHF / $100.

…and that folks, is why I hate going to the hair dresser. They don’t do what you want, they cut more than you want and they charge you a shit ton. I was happier with the back, but upset about the front. I mean, it will grow again, but why did I have to pay 95 bucks for that? I can cut uneven hair myself.

Kay pretty much hated the haircut at first. He is sort of warming up to it, but he really likes it long. I’m getting used to having hair above my shoulders again. It’s been years!

Lots of people have been asking me if I’m happy how much faster it is to style now, but unless you do a super pixie haircut, this style actually takes much longer to do than long hair!

With long hair I would wash it twice a week and wear it twice down and once or twice up with dry shampoo. Pulling it up and keeping it out of my way at the gym was easy.

Now with short hair, the hair gets a lot sweatier at the gym and I need to wash it more often. Styling at the gym means a lot of blow drying, even if I didn’t shampoo it that day. After blow drying it I have to straighten it. So nope… it’s really a way more time-intensive haircut, but I knew that when I did it.

Hurrah for short hair!

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