Hello from the end of the world

2016 turned out to be quite a busy year. I took 26 (self-funded) international trips out of Switzerland, most of which were spent traveling to visit Kay while he was studying in France, Singapore, later interning in Germany, and then back in Singapore. While Kay was busy finishing his MBA at INSEAD, I was busy preparing, listing, and selling our apartment (all in German without a broker!) as well as preparing our belongings for an international move. Oh, and quitting my job. 🙂

At the end of December, I traveled to Singapore one more time for Kay’s INSEAD graduation and then we came back to Switzerland for Christmas on the 23rd of December to pack our house up before the sale and pack for travels. With work permits in limbo, the earliest Kay can start working is October 1, so we are using the time to go on a long-awaited, long-debated, and long-fantasized world trip across four continents and 15 some countries.

So here I’m writing from Ushuaia, Argentina, where we are already a little way into the trip. We bought our tickets on December 22 and actually left to visit family in Brazil first on January 11, before stopping in Buenos Aires on the way down to the most southern city in the world. While there is stress planning everything last minute, the trip is as glorious as the photo below leaves you to believe.Patagonia has been on our travel list for a very long time and since it ended up making sense to buy a round the world ticket for what we wanted to do (more on that later), we ended up here first, during Patagonian “summer”.Tomorrow we are already headed to Chile to visit Puerto Natales and head to the famed Torres del Paine. This whole trip is a bit rushed so far, especially with a rocky, stressful start finalizing the flat sale and trying to detach ourselves from Switzerland (banking, ugh!), but we are on the road and on the move!

More to come whenever I have time and internet!