New bedroom, or not

Almost as soon as Kay left for France, I decided that I wanted a drastic change in the bedroom to make the space “mine” while he was gone. I didn’t want to feel like he’s missing in my bed all year long, so I thought that changing the room could make it more “my place” and less “our place”.

To do so, I planned out on our floor plan on the computer how to move the bed 90º to face the windows and open up a large floor space in front of the bathroom.It was pretty tight, but I moved the whole bed frame and the extremely heavy Tempur automated bed frames myself, as well as the dressers, using cloths to make sure the floor was not damaged.I even set up Christmas lights and tied all the cords for the automated bed frames up nice and neat. It was only when I was going to bed and went to close the bedroom door that I realized, the door didn’t shut!

Dammit!! The door wouldn’t shut by like 1″. It was SO tight. So close, yet so far. I had to move the whole bed, mattresses, and bed frames back and at that point, my muscles were really, really tired. The bed frames are so heavy with the motors. And this was when I was already ready to go to bed… ugh, stupid Katie!Since I couldn’t gain any floor space by having the bed in a different spot, I decided to put the smaller dresser in the wardrobe since Kay is not using it this year. It frees up the space in the room and makes the bedroom look a little more polished. I’m not totally a fan of this dresser shape, even if I like the mirror function.So here we are, right back at the beginning, just without the small dresser. Not much difference, but I took out the nightstands and still have all the cables tied up under the bed so that the robot vacuum can come in here and clean while I am away at work.Normally I am better with visualizing whether things fit or not, but I missed the mark in this case.

Have you ever gotten the measurements of something wrong before finding it out after you make a move?

Homemade gluten free freezer meals

Shortly after Kay moved out, I bought myself a granny bag, as I call it, to help bring groceries home on my own. Kay was my “carrying mule” as I fondly referred to him, and without him around, I really need some help with the heavy items like milk and liquids.I buy food in bulk and plan 4-6 meals to make over the weekend. Usually at least two are slow-cooker meals that require little prep or work and two are stove top meals.Above was fondue mac and cheese with cauliflower and carrots and below was slow cooker beef broccoli.This weekend I also used my Le Creuset pan for a big potato and carrot beef pot roast.And below was one pot chili mac.Most of the recipes are for around 8 portions. Sometimes I just wing them and make a bunch of food. These meals, along with chopped veggies like carrots and celery for the week, go into my new IKEA glass tupperware.Each night I cook, I enjoy a new, fresh hot meal, as well as dishing everything into the containers to cool before going into the fridge.It is really a factory line sometimes. Below was a risotto I made on auto mode on my Kenwood and then threw in cut peppers and spinach for some extra veg, as well as cheese, because, well…risotto. 🙂Once the meals have been in the fridge for a few hours and cooled even more, I transfer them to my big freezer that I bought myself last year.When I am heading to France or coming home from a weekend abroad, it’s SO easy to pull out meals for the week and to bring to work.Colleagues are amazed when I’ve been in Barcelona over the weekend and bring a fully homemade Sunday roast to work for lunch. With the freezer, everything is possible!

Are you a fan of homemade freezer meals or freezer cooking?


Life is pretty weird and wild since Kay started INSEAD. I have spent 12 weekends this year traveling, usually only staying home once a month. On Thursday and Friday nights, I head to a small town in France for the weekend and witness parties like this:Work hard, play hard. The INSEAD motto. And as a weekend partner, I am here to witness it.France is very different from Switzerland and I have to admit, I don’t really care for it. It’s just so not Switzerland. Maybe I am too Swiss at this point, but I miss order and function, something often lacking almost everywhere outside of my little country.

Sometimes it’s also just weird, the way elderly paw at every.single.vegetable in the produce section, for example. Whatever it is, I’m kind of happy I am only visiting. I am so Swiss in fact, that every weekend I bring prepared homemade frozen gluten free meals with me and let them thaw on the drive over, so that Kay doesn’t have to cook for us or worry about finding me gluten free meals.Back at home, my house looks like a mess as I use this opportunity to sort and change furniture around.I am using Kay’s absence to purge lots of unneeded items from our life, but in the meantime, it looks like I am moving and that has been driving me nuts, so for most of March and April, I’ve been trying to work hard during the week to clean up more. This year isn’t quite like I imagined. Being a partner to an INSEADer is not easy, especially when you only visit on the weekend, but I am trying my best.

Missing Christmastime

It’s April now, but somehow spring has not gotten really started yet. The weather is calling for snow next week (snow?!) and it is reminding me why this part of the year is the hardest.

January-April in Switzerland can be pretty bleak, especially compared to this part of December I am thinking back to skies like this.In December, we had several fantastic sunsets, plus the towns are all decorated in Christmas cheer that raise your spirits even on the bleak days.For whatever reason, for most of January-March, you never see a sky like below.Also, you have fab Christmas parties with delicious food to look forward to!I am not sure I’ll be able to take part in the Christmas party this year, because I plan to be in Singapore for Kay’s graduation around then, but who knows.Also, when else is it appropriate to wear red noses around? Not in April!

Hong Kong and Premium Economy

Part of me feels like I have not stopped traveling since October, which you might have noticed if you wonder why things are a little quiet around here.

When Kay and I arrived back to Zurich from Lima, I repacked my bags and spent one night sleeping at home before I headed to the airport on Monday morning to go to Hong Kong  for business. Traveling across three continents overnight put my head in a bit of a spin and I don’t think I’ve fully recovered since then.

Traveling to HK in Premium Economy with Cathay Airlines also sparked a frequent flyer urge. PE almost seems worth the double price tag of economy flights. Almost.In addition to the extra leg room, premium economy enjoys perks of business travelers like newspapers during boarding, hot towels to wash hands, complementary drinks like prosecco during boarding (Yes, please!) and an upgrade in food with real utensils.My gluten free meal was pretty impressive. Having flown Iberian business in January, I can now say that Cathay’s food in premium economy was BETTER. That steak, I mean, there’s no contest!After flying 30+ hours in 48h, I looked and felt surprisingly fit when I arrived to Hong Kong that Tuesday morning. I didn’t really know what day it was at all, but that’s beside the point.Hong Kong is a glittery city and after the cold weather in Peru, I was welcoming some warmth.Like Singapore, I liked this city immediately.The view from my hotel below. 🙂I also ate really well on this trip, with everything from fried mussels to truffle infused french fries.The Sheraton Kowloon really knows how to make food!The view of the construction site behind my room was not quite as pleasing, especially when it started up at 7am every day, but I guess I am used to construction workers ruining my sleep in Switzerland. 😉Although I was a little nervous about finding gluten free food to eat at a convention hall with 60,000 visitors, I was able to stop by a restaurant for lunch that could manage a simple gluten free pasta. Back across the harbor, palm trees swayed in the breeze. Can’t we just move the office here??Every day, we woke early to get to the convention hall and then in the evening we would go back to the hotel and change before heading out for dinner. It was a pretty exhausting week!I was still marveling that right before getting on the plane to Lima, I was roughing it in the Peruvian wilderness to Machu Picchu, and now after the weekend, here I was at a cosmetics and beauty expo in cosmopolitan Hong Kong. Going from eating potatoes and local   corn to lobster and oysters was nuts. The difference in culture on the two trips was staggering.I did have again a little food card with me, writing what I could eat in traditional and simplified Chinese. Sometimes eating gluten free makes food pretty bland in Asia without soy sauce or salt. :/Shrimp and broccoli stir fried in plain oil is not quite the same.But in general, eating was not a problem, and I didn’t need almost any of the snacks I had brought along with me.The view from the restaurant was pretty amazing though!I was also proud that every morning, I managed to wake up, shove contacts in my eyes, and even put on fake eyelashes for the fair.By the end of the trip, I was quite spoiled with all the fine dining.HK is a city I could see myself living in. I cannot picture living in all the cities I visit, but this seems like a nice place. 🙂Maybe it also had to do with how much nice food there was…The lobster at the end of the trip was the cherry on top. Look at that happy employee!I loved the craze of the expo, the long days, tearing the stand up and down, talking to clients, all of it. Sometimes work trips are a refreshing break to the monotony of daily life. They inspire and motivate.

What do you think of business trips?