Happy New Year!

A bit late from us, but we just got back from our crazy three week trip. Going on holiday for three weeks is definitely a luxury, but it’s sooo nice to totally forget yourself while away and completely shed all the stress of work and life back home.

I definitely have lots to share about our travels. It was an interesting trip compared to some. We enjoyed ourselves a lot, but there were a surprising amount of mishaps from small accidents to natural disasters. Australia is an exciting place! 🙂

We started the trip off right with a bottle of champagne sent from Kay’s father, but things already took a peculiar turn as soon as we were up in the air.
Kay’s father has sent us a bottle like this at the start of several SWISS flights and we’ve never had any problems, but the person in front of me decided to lean their seat back as soon as we were in the air. Now, if you ever flown Swiss economy, you might have noticed that their seats are quite close together. They might be one of the most cramped economy classes out there.

The chair back hit the bottle, which is taller than normal airline cups, and my iPad that I was watching. The iPad smacked out of its stand, the bottle fell over on us and and the champagne spilled all over Kay, his seat, my jacket and scarf, etc…while I scrambled to make sure my iPad didn’t get wet.

It ended up being a little bit of a stressful start, cleaning a sticky substance off our fresh travel clothes at the beginning of a 9 hour overnight flight, but compared to some of the things that would happen later on the trip, it was just a blip in the radar. I should have seen it as a sign of things to come! 😉

SWISS also felt bad about the person knocking our champagne over, so they brought us some extra prosecco to replace it later. (No complaints from Katie!)

What’s the worst spill you’ve encountered while flying?